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Marketing is a bottomless well where all the money in the world can be thrown. Our aim is to spend only as much as is absolutely necessary to achieve the goals, because we are the SocialGuru, a group of experts providing unique marketing solutions on the Hungarian market.

For efficiency, we are thinking of COMPLEX and CREATIVE campaigns! Only with an influencer campaign, only with social media ads, or only with google optimization, it is no longer possible to achieve maximum results today, thats why we chose the more difficult path, but with empirical facts and data, we choose the more effective way. One of the main pillars of our method and activity is to establish a relationship of trust with our costumers. We try to give more than is expected. They trust in us when they hire the Social Guru, and in the return we are at their disposal in 18 hours a day. We think with a head of ownership in value for money what we think is the most ideal. We provide information on data-based (regular analytics, and consultation at the frequency) required by our client. 

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