Influencer marketing is a method of marketing, which is focusing on influential people instead of the targeted market. Overall, influencer marketing means advertising by well-known people.


The introduction of a new brand in some cases takes more time than money. We support you from the beginning, we plan your campaign or in case your campaign plans are ready, we assist you with the implementation and evaluation. All these methods are crucial to be able to introduce yourself to your audience confidently and to build a stable foundation for your brand.


We offer strategic guidance for clients, whose enterprise and products are only in the implementation phrase, who do not have stable well-functioning marketing strategies and want to build their brand efficiently. Strategic guidance is a process which offers development opportunities to everyone.


The user friendly, transparent, modern websites, webshops are indispensable accessories of a brand’s online presence and visual communication.


For todays’ consumers videos are the most spectacular contents. A qualitative image film is one of the most important ways of customer acquisition. Besides the production we assume the creation of the whole concept, the writing of the script, the creation of the subtitles and the background music.


Speaking of increasing the brand awareness, sales promotion or the position in the online search, it is certainly necessary to use Google Ads and social media advertisement to maximise effectiveness. We elaborate and manage the most effective campaign for your brand.


Your appearance on high standard events can contribute to increase the awareness of your brand. Next to reaching your potential customers there is an opportunity to make your brand known in a new community as well. We assist in the building of the events and in the managing of the press contacts.


The citylight ads in the road junctions can reach the attention of by-passers. We support the elaboration of the content, we manage the preparation and the placement of the ads. Moreover, we constantly follow up the appearance.



We are Edina Kulcsár and András Szabó “Csuti”, the founders of Social Guru.

Our company is a group of experts which offer unique solutions of community marketing on the hungarian market. Our main profile is social media marketing, which is provided to our clients in an unusual way. In the order of efficiency we are striving for complex campaigns. Nowadays only with the influencer marketing, or with social media advertisement, or google optimisation it is not possible to reach an optimal outcome. This is why we chose the harder but more efficient way, based on experimental facts and data.

One of the main pillars of our method and activity is the establishment of trustworthy relations with our clients. They trust us and they believe that we offer the best solution for them. In return we are available for them 18 hours a day. Based on the need of our clients we provide data based analytics and consultancies. We offer both: well-tried and new solutions to our clients. From strategic guidance through the PR events and complex social media campaigns, to IT solutions, we are actively participating in brand building and in the introduction of a product in order to make it more effective and cost efficient.

Based on the need of the partners we are working with micro, macro and top influencers. In the hungarian market we are the only company which provides analysis about the reach of each campaign. We are not selling posts, we are pricing our services based on how many real people saw the publication. Reaching the target group is the more efficient advertisement.

Some of our influencers: Edina Kulcsár, Polla Körcsönyei, Joci Pápai, Szabina Tápai, Rebeka Kárpáti, Heni Dér. We are offering our influencers based on the target market (age, interests, location). Our campaigns are not the usual “smiling next to the product” photos, we put the product/service into the life of the influencer, so they can represent the brand genuinely.

We believe that we can cooperate with your brand effectively and you see potential in our mutual work and soon we can welcome you in the group of our satisfied partners.

Yours sincerely,

András Szabó “Csuti”




Phone: +36 70 611 2706       E-mail: info@socialguru.hu