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Influencer and Social Media

Focused and targeted

Influencer marketing is one of the most used marketing elements in current marketing strategies. It can be used perfectly on both B2B and B2C lines, because in addition to generating sales, the brand can also become more popular by having a properly selected person represent the brand. However, it’s important to know that it doesn’t work by itself just because someone has a lot of followers.

Brand Management

Shaken, not stritted

Brand introduction is one of the most exciting stage in the life of a brand where you can burn a lot of money, unfortunately unnecessarily. Our task is to create a strategy to plan the stages step by step, so the process can be calculated, measured and planned. Our huge advantage over others is that with us everything can be done in one place, in one hand.

Strategy and Advertising

Shows the way

We recommend strategic consulting to our clients who need a breakthrough plan because the presence and popularity of their brand has stalled somewhere. Strategic consulting is a condition that provides everyone development opportunities for navigating in the marketing field. Since this world is gaining more and more space and those who delay in this area may fall behind their competitors. Our premium strategy consulting service includes three personal meetings. In addition to the basic strategic consulting services, it also includes full-scale advertising education and we will jointly set up an ads search campaign in the business manager.

Advertisement and Image film

We set in motion

For today’s media consumers video is the most visual content. A quality image film can be one of the most important weapons for customer acquisition. In addition to production, we also undertake the development of the entire concept, the writing of the script, the production of subtitles and the musical accompaniment…

Google & Social Advertising

Brand in the first place

Nowadays, everyone searches on the Internet, so presumably your product is no exception. Whether it’s about increasing brand awareness, sales promotion, or ranking in searches, Google Ads and social media ads will definitely be needed for maximum effectiveness. We develop the most effective campaign for the brand and then manage it.

Press & conference

Show yourself

Appearing at high-level events greatly contributes to increasing brand awareness. In addition to reaching potential consumers, it is also an opportunity to introduce the brand to a new audience. We help you increase press coverage from building press relations.


Fresh, crispy

The user friendly, transparent, modern websites and webshops are essential accessories for a brand’s online presence and visual communication, and even today, they are an indispensable tool for search term optimization. 

Billboard & City light

Not just a paperform

Citylight advertisements displayed at traffic junctions attract the attention of passers by waiting for the bus or passing by the advertisement. We help you develop the content, prepare advertisements, manage their placement and monitor their appearance.