We offer strategic guidance for clients, whose enterprise and products are only in the implementation phrase, who do not have stable well-functioning marketing strategies and want to build their brand efficiently. Strategic guidance is a process which offers development opportunities to everyone to be able to be present in the social media network, which is getting more and more publicity, and if you are not keeping yourself up-to-date, you can easily lose your relevance next to the competitors.

The team of Social Guru has amazing national and international experience, which help to solve the clients in challenging tasks.

We plan the steps of the marketing of both Facebook and Instagram. We teach the usage of the several social media platforms to our clients, because the effective social media marketing nowadays does not only mean posting a picture on our profile. It is also not negligible how and on which platform we communicate.

Our premium strategic guidance contains three personal meetings, next to basic strategic guidance services it helps to set up product strategy and gives an education about the advertisement. We create a campaign together which includes the Google Ads as well.